Audio production with personality

Double Vile

Vile Hartman

Hi! We’re Vile and Victor and we run Double Trouble Audio together.

Double Trouble Audio is an audio production company that delivers sound design, music composition, mixing and mastering.

Are you creating a game and need kick-ass sound effects and music? Are you in need of qualified audio professional for your next film, commercial or any other linear media? Do you need qualified music production?

We’d be happy to help you out!

Trouble Victor

Victor Engström

What We Do

A vertical slice of what we mainly focus on at Double Trouble Audio

Game Audio

We’re game audio professionals and have experience in creating adaptive and interactive sound design and music.

We Sell Sound Effects!

Check out our full product line by clicking below! (Psst… We also have some free stuff for you to check out).

Music Composition & Production

We produce top-quality music in a plethora of genres for games, trailers and music projects/bands.


A selection of the work produced at Double Trouble Audio

All sound, music and implementation for Thunder League and Lance a Lot made by us. Thunder League can be downloaded here. Lance A Lot is developed by Rocket Hammer.


Here’s what some of the people we’ve worked with has to say

“Aside from making fantastic music and superb audio production, these guys are a joy to work with! Their humor and awesome personalities make even the most tedious task a joy. If I ever need help recording my guitar or if I want top notch game audio and music, I know who to call!” 

Oskar Wetterbrant

Freelance animator & musician

“It’s always a pleasure to work with DTA! Vile and Victor are both enthusiastic and forward-thinking; ready to adapt to any challenge we might have. They also listen to our feedback, iterate quickly and always deliver amazing results in the end. We will definitely hire them again for our next project!”

Rasmus Hofréus

CEO at Rocket Hammer

“Double trouble audio is no trouble at all to work with! They deliver on time, have a positive attitude and adapt stuff according to feedback. Two cool dudes!”

Daniel Jakob Christofer Ström

CEO at Guru Games

Don’t Be Shy, Get In Touch

We’re always interested with helping out whichever way we can. Get in touch for any and all questions regarding our work and how we can be of service on your project.