Cement Factory

$25.00 inc. Vat

This pack was recorded in a giant cement processing and rock crushing factory. It features perfectly looping ambiences that’ll be sure to set a dark industrial mood on anything that it’s used on.



The pack was recorded inside, outside and around various large machinery which gives you a lot of options when designing sounds with this pack. The sounds are also characteristically tonal and drone based and the ambiences are uninterrupted.

All files are meta data tagged with keywords and a description for each sound!

Number of Files: 78 High Quality WAVS (14:21)
Size Unpacked: 475 MB
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Recorded with a Oktava MK 012 in MS Configuration

Sounds included (click to expand)
Conveyor Belt Midrange Rattle (1 loop)
Drone Bass (4 loops)
Drone Bright (6 loops)
Drone High Mid (2 loops)
Drone Low Mid and Machine Clanking in Background (2 loops)
Drone Midrange (19 loops)
Drone Engine (8 loops)
Drone Machines (14 loops)
Rattle (4 loops)


Content list

01 Cement Factory Content List

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