Metal Resonances

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Metal Resonances is a pack full of resonating metal that was made resonant with contact from dry ice. This creates otherworldly metallic tones which we carefully recorded and crafted into this product.



The pack contains everything needed to create all sorts of creaks and cranks and can be used to sound design everything from robots, bridges, hatches, hinges, cars, horror SFX, UI. There are also a very expressive trait to some of the sounds, and can probably be made into weird creatures and other unexpected things.

The pack was captured in 96khz and 192khz and some sounds have two different perspectives to choose from. The 96khz version is usually from a close-up handheld perspective or in direct contact with the material, where 192kHz comes from carefully miked up static positions.

All files are meta data tagged with keywords and a description for each sound!

Number of Files: 77 High Quality WAVS (1:23)
Size Unpacked: 3.98 GB
Sample Rate: 96-192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Recorded with two Oktava MK 012 in spaced stereo configuration and a Sony PCM m-10

All Sounds (click to expand)
Door hinge (1 file, total 0:47s)
Door knob A-B (2 files, total 0:56s)
Electric Guitar DI (1 files, total 1:59s)
Faucet A-B (2 files, total 1:38s)
Knife A-D (4 files, total 3:37s)
Large Metal Air Drum A (1 file, total 01:59s)
Large Metal Air Drum B-E (8 files, total 09:29s, 2 perspectives)
Large Metal Sink A (2 files, total 03:38s, 2 perspectives)
Large Metal Sink B (1 file, 0:41s)
Large Perforated Metal Sheet A (2 files, 3:31s, 2 perspectives)
Long Metal Square Tube A-B (2 files, 2:40s, 2 perspectives)
Long Metal Tube A (2 files, 3:09s, 2 perspectives)
Long Metal Tube B (1 file, 01:16s)
Long Metal Tube Damped With Cloth (1 file, 0:57s)
Medium Long Metal Square A-B (4 files, 2:30s, 2 perspectives)
Medium Metal Sheet A (1 file, 0:19s)
Medium Metal Sheet B (1 file, 1:07s)
Metal Dishwasher Stand A-E (10 files, 13:36s, 2 perspectives)
Metal Drawer A (1 file, 0:34s)
Metal Drawer B (1 file, 0:32s)
Metal Handle (1 file, 0:07s)
Metal Long Big Sheet A-B (4 files, 03:50s, 2 perspectives)
Metal Shelf A-D (10 files, 17:33s, 2 perspectives)
Metal Shelf E (1 file, 01:37s)
Metal Sink (1 file, 0:33s)
Small Copper Tube (1 file, 0:32s)
Small Metal Box (10 files, 03:35s)
Small Metal Tube (1 file, 0:16s)
Thin Metal Sheet (1 file, 0:23s)


Content list

01 Metal Resonances Content List

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