Power Tools

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This power tool sound source library will provide you with all kinds of “whizzzz”, “brrrrr” and “Bwoooooo”.



Power Tools is full of top quality recordings of different small motors and rotors, all meticulously recorded in both mono and stereo. Contains bursts, sustained operation, revving up and down, drilling and drags against different material.

Can be used for foley purposes but would also be a cool addition when making sounds for space-ships, schi-fi guns, vehicles, robots and other neat stuff.

All files are meta data tagged with keywords and a description for each sound!

Number of Files: 113 High Quality WAVS (total runtime: 1:07:30)
Size Unpacked: 4.34 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit



Content list

01 Power Tools Content List

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